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What are the advantages of an artificial field?

Construction Workers


An artificial field is safer and has less injuries than traditional grass fields.

Our field will also be equipped with a state-of-the-art Rugby certified shock pad to further prevent impact injuries and be Rugby Canada certified.


Cochrane High School athletes will no longer have to leave classes and travel across a railway crossing to practice on Spray Lakes Legacy Field. 

Kids Playing Tug of War

More Accesible

This space will have 5 times as many usable hours as a grass field and can be used safely during and after inclement weather.

With a more reliable field usage hours, public and community football, rugby and soccer teams will be encouraged to book this field via RVS online booking system.

Lighting will increase the number of useable hours and safety of play. 

Dollar Bills

It Makes Sense

With $1.7 million in government funding and grants and an additional $.9 million in private donations, this project represents a partnership that is building a better future for our children. 

This space will be permanently marked for football, rugby and soccer and will be used by thousands of students who attend the tri-school's in Cochrane.

This project will save money on maintenance, requires no watering, grass cutting, herbicides or pesticides and no re-chalking!

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