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Carmen Ng, B.Comm, Marketing and SCMP (Supply Chain Management Professional) designation. Carmen has gained significant and varied business experience in her role as a Pursuit Manager with the National Proposal Team in Management Consulting at KPMG.  She is a strong leader and team player as evidenced by her skills in developing strategies, advising, managing processes, evaluating requirements, negotiating with clients, developing timelines and accountabilities. All activities are executed with an operational mindset and a conscientious perspective of the customer’s overall experience. Carmen brings over five years of proposal writing and editing experience.  Previously, Carmen served as a Board member for 2.5 years with the Arlington Condo Association. Carmen enjoys and understands the importance of being active as she is an avid snowboarder, runner, hiker, surfer, and downhill mountain biker.

Carmen Ng

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Secretary and Director

Society President and Director

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